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Nicole Arbour was just looking for a laugh, people.

The YouTube star found herself in scalding hot water last week after posing a video (below) titled "Dear Fat People…"

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The footage was comprised of Arbour comparing overweight individuals to zombies… slamming all body image trends online… and offering up such nuggets to the obese as:

"If you want to be positive to your body, work out and eat well."

In response, YouTube actually took down Arbour’s video for a brief period of time and Arbour was fired from her job as a choreographer of a movie.

But in an interview with the BBC, Arbour says she ought to be commended for her “noble” intentions, which were to “make people laugh.”

She also says she was just trying to bring awareness to the serious topic of obesity.

"We really care about them and we want them to be healthy because I’m selfish and I want them around," she quipped in her Q&A.

And when the interviewer asked if making jokes at the expense of fat people was "cheap," Nicole replied: "20 million views isn’t that cheap." 

We’re not sure if Arbour understands the meaning of the word "cheap" here.

"I’m an equal opportunity offender and it all goes back to comedy," Nicole concludes. "I think everyone is being a little too sensitive about everything…

"I don’t shame people. It was an act. It was one bit. I don’t hate anyone. I don’t shame anyone. I don’t actually believe in bullying at all."

Watch the video above and decide for yourself whether you think Nicole Arbour is a bully.