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It’s fitting that Lewis Hamilton is a Formula One racer, because the dude gets around more than the tires on his car.

Just last month, we reported that Hamilton was dating Rihanna, now it looks like that was nothing more than a smash-and-dash situation, because the 30-year-old ladies’ man has reportedly returned to one of his previous flavors of the month.

It was reported back in May that Hamilton and Kendall Jenner were dating, and now it looks as though they’re back at it.

Lewis Hamilton at Cannes Film Festival
Photo via Pat Denton/
Kendall Jenner at Cannes Film Festival
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Kendall and Lewis have been spotted hanging out together in NYC several times in just the past few days

Reps for Kendall say they’re just friends, but onlookers claim it looked like they were much more than that.

Interestingly, Hamilton was quick to shut down rumors that he was dating Rihanna, but he has yet to comment on the nature of his relationship with Kendall.

As for those rumors that Kendall is dating Nick Jonas? Well, Nick says it’s all BS, so we guess that makes Kendall free to hang with whomever she pleases.

We’re not saying there’s anything serious going on between Kendall and Lewis, but as far as friends with benefits go, they could both do a lot worse.