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Has Miley Cyrus done it? Has the singer posed for her raunchiest photo spread to date?!?

This is saying a whole lot, of course, considering Cyrus once shared a picture of herself pretending to give another woman oral sex.

Miley Cyrus Interview Cover

But Miley is featured on the cover of the Interview Magazine selfie issue in a spread that depicts her engaged in a sexting session over FaceTime with photographer Mert Atlas.

In one picture, Miley is topless. But that’s par for the artist’s course at this point.

In another, she’s donning a thong and licking the floor:

Licking Miley Cyrus

And in yet another, Miley is in full-on straddling position and touching herself… down there!

We had to censor this image (for the kids), but you can click on it below for the full, NSFW version:

Miley Cyrus Masturbates

There’s no text accompanying any of the photos except for a subhead that reads, in part, “sometimes you have to reach out and touch someone-slash-yourself."

Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, is also featured in this issue of Interview.

But she’s fully clothed and acting all proper… JUST KIDDING!

Kardashian is actually in bed, possibly naked, definitely writhing all around.

Elsewhere, here’s a look at everything Miley was up to on stage as host of the Video Music Awards on Sunday night. And just to think:

We thought this was X-rated at the time!