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Last week, we reported that Kim Zolciak suffered a stroke shortly after flying from LA to Atlanta following a Dancing With the Stars audition.

It was later revealed that Kim was the victim of a transient ischemic attack, also known as a "mini-stroke."

The effects weren’t as destructive as they might have been, but the attack was still serious enough that Kim was hospitalized for several days and forced to quit Dancing With the Stars.

Kim Zolciak Face

It’s not a common health scare for a 37-year-old to endure, and there’s been much speculation as to what might have caused Kim’s stroke.

Initially, insiders speculated that the demanding DWTS rehearsals were to blame.

Past participants have talked about the physical toll that the show can take, and the rehearsals certainly may have played a role in Kim’s current condition.

However, Radar Online has consulted with a medical expert who has a different theory regarding the cause of Zolciak’s stroke.

Dr. Susan Evans (who has never treated Kim) believes that the reality star’s fondness for plastic surgery may have put her at greater risk for cardiovascular disease.

“Sometimes one surgery alone can cause a stroke," says Dr. Evans, a Hollywood plastic surgeon. "The more surgeries, the higher likelihood.

"If the proper prevention for stroke didn’t take place and she doesn’t have an underlying condition such as taking birth control pills, all of those factors could make it more likely for her to stroke."

Evans notes that plastic surgery can carry a greater risk than other operations, as doctors work under the assumption that their patient is in good health.

“Some anesthesiologists tend to take less precautions for plastic surgery patients because they are generally healthy people that just want a face lift or liposuction," Evans says.

“You can have a stroke during the surgery, or right after because not moving could cause blood clots in the legs. You would also need a hole in between the chambers of the heart for this to happen though."

Zolciak has admitted to getting plastic surgery in the past, but claims she has not had any work done in over a year.

Fans recently speculated that she had undergone a facelift, but Kim claims her altered appearance was simply the result of a new makeup routine.