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On last night’s Big Bang Theory season premiere, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki’s characters finally tied the knot.

Of course, in real life, Cuoco and Galecki dated for several years, so exchanging vows on camera has gotta be a little bit awkward, right?

Not at all, according to Kaley!

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live last night, the actress fielded a fan’s question about how her husband, Ryan Sweeting, feels about the fact that she still works with her ex, and she claims everything’s kosher:

Kaley Cuoco Talks Johnny Galecki, Ryan Sweeting

Yes, Cuoco and Sweeting have been married for almost two years, and she and Galecki broke up a long time ago, but we find it hard to believe that none of the three parties involved in the situation were the slightest bit uncomfortable.

In fact, the episode indirectly acknowledged the weirdness in a scene in which Penny and Leonard fight over the fact that he still works with a woman with whom he once had a fling.

Sure, it could’ve been coincidental, but we imagine the actors cringed a bit when they first read the script.

But hey, it’s not like co-stars who play married couples on long-running television shows ever wind up getting together in real life (*cough* Jon Hamm and January Jones *cough*). 

We’re suuuuuure you have nothing to worry about, Ryan. Now how’s that job hunt going?