Husband Reacts in Positively Perfect Fashion to Pregnancy News

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Let's be honest: An Apple Watch would make for a pretty terrific birthday present.

But there's one thing that trumps even this gift of technological wonder: an impending baby!!!!

In a viral video making the rounds, a wife hands her husband an Apple Watch box.

Once he opens his eyes and sees what's in front of him, the husband is rather excited.

"Oh, is this that watch?" he asks. "Really?!?"

Turns out... nope, not really.

It's a positive pregnancy test, which results in the man asking multiple times whether or not his wife is "serious," only for him to then devolve in a mess of tears.

No woman could ever ask for a better reaction from her father-to-be. We dare you to watch this footage without crying yourseslf. It's not easy!

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