Gisele Bundchen: Still Pissed About Tom Brady Hanging Out With Christine Ouzounian?

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If you're a football fan, you know that Tom Brady has been playing like a man with something to prove this season.

It makes sense, as the legendary QB suffered some serious damage to his reputation as a result of last season's Deflategate scandal.

Now, it seems Brady might be taking just more hits at home than he does on the field - and his formidable offensive line can't protect him from his supermodel wife.

Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Red Carpet Image

It all started when Ben Affleck's alleged mistress Christine Ouzounian was photographed wearing Brady's Super Bowl rings while traveling to Las Vegas on his private jet.

The photo reportedly led Bundchen to threaten Brady with divorce, and sources say the couple was able to save their marriage only through extensive counseling. 

Now, Us Weekly is reporting that further information about Brady and Ouzounian has emerged, and Brady is once again finding himself in the dog house.

"It could really screw things up," one insider says, regarding the undisclosed info.

The tabloid doesn't go into specifics regarding the new Brady-Ouzounian revelation, but sources say Gisele is once again "threatening divorce."

Wow. Sounds like things are pretty rough for Tom and Gisele at the moment.

Clearly Pats fans aren't the only ones thanking their lucky stars that Brady's suspension was overturned. This would not be a good time to spend four weeks at home!

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