Ben Affleck Wants to Bang Sienna Miller Because of Course He Does

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Well, Ben Affleck's relationship is officially over.

No, we're not talking his divorce from Jennifer Garner. That's old news in the world of Affleck dong.

We're talking about the fact that Ben is avoiding Christine Ouzounian these days, which seems to indicate that his nanny-banging days are behind him.

So who does a handsome, Oscar-winning, fabulously wealthy, newly-single dude who's about to appear on screen as freakin' Batman have sex with next? Why anyone he wants of course!

Ben's next project is an adaptation of the Dennis Lehane novel Live By Night, in which he's slated to co-star with the also newly-single Sienna Miller.

Sienna Miller Photo
Ben Affleck Red Carpet Look

OK! magazine is reporting that the film hasn't even started shooting yet, but Ben already has a thing for Sienna.

A source tells the tabloid that "Ben is thrilled to have his freedom," before adding that he's "really impressed" with Sienna, whom he considers "gorgeous."

If that's not an invitation to Bat-bang, we don't know what is. 

Interestingly, Sienna dated noted nanny-banger Jude Law for several years in the early 2000s (and again in the early 2010s). So take note, fellas:

If you wanna get with Sienna Miller, just hire a nanny, have sex with her...then become a wealthy and incredibly famous actor. It's that easy!

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