Ben Affleck: Avoiding Christine Ouzounian Like the Plague!

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In the weeks following the announcement of the Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner divorce, it briefly looked as though nanny-turned-mistress Christine Ouzounian was here to stay.

There were rumors that this was no mere relationship and that Affleck and Ouzounian were dating

Other sources claimed the 28-year-old former childcare professional was in it for the fame, and that Ouzounian would be the next Bachelorette.

Whatever the case, Christine was clearly intent on extending her 15 minutes of fame, and for a while, she was on the cover of every tabloid.

Ben Affleck Looks Shady
Christine Ouzounian Image

Then - just like that - she was gone like Keyser Soze, and it seems we have Affleck to thank.

According to Radar Online, Ben changed his cell phone number and flat-out ghosted Christine, refusing to have any further contact with the woman who may or may not have caused the end of his marriage.

“Christine had been calling Ben’s cell phone a lot after he came back to Los Angeles,” says a source. “But Ben made it obvious to Christine that he had no interest in a relationship.” 

“She wasn’t taking the hint, so after the calls continued, Ben changed his cell phone number to get Christine off his back.

"Ben can’t believe how stupid he had been to ever get linked to her. She looks like such an opportunist.”

Yeah, Ben - we kinda can't believe how stupid you were, either.

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