WDBJ7 Shooting: Celebrities Mourn, React on Twitter

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Virginia, and the nation as a whole, are in a state of mourning today after WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker and WDBJ7 photographer Adam Ward were killed while conducting a live interview around 6:45 a.m. today.

Vester Flanagan, a disgruntled former employee at the station, is believed to have pulled the trigger before turning a gun on himself.

Alison Parker, Adam Ward

In response to the tragedy, celebrities from across all industries have reacted in shock, horror and disgust on Twitter:

Sophia Bush: Shocked and horrified by the news coming out of Virginia... To murder people and then live tweet about it?? It's sick.

Hillary Clinton: Heartbroken and angry. We must act to stop gun violence, and we cannot wait any longer. Praying for the victims' families in Virginia.

Dr. Oz: My thoughts and prayers are with everyone at @WDBJ7 as well as the families of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Such a terrible tragedy.

Darren Criss: Don't know what to say. I'm just sick to my stomach and so, so sad. Nothing to do but hold on to each other and pray for something better.

Ellen DeGeneres: My heart goes out to the two journalists who were shot in Virginia this morning. My show airs on @WDBJ7 every day. Sending love to you all.

Gabrielle Giffords: Horrified to hear that 2 young journalists were shot & killed doing the job they loved. Praying for the #WDBJ family.

Ricky Gervais: Shocked by the insanity of the Virginia shooting. My thoughts are with the loved ones and I hope we will find a solution to this madness.

Reggie Bush: Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the reporter and cameraman in Virginia shooting.

Brad Paisley: Shocked and saddened by the events in Virginia today. Prayers for everyone involved, and deepest sympathy.

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