Salma Hayek: Two Crazed Women Threaten to Kidnap Her Daughter!!

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It’s a parent’s worst nightmare.  And, unfortunately, for actress Salma Hayek, the fear of someone kidnapping her children is all too real.

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Hayek obtained a restraining order against two crazed women who have allegedly been impersonating the actress. She believes the women’s motive is to enmesh themselves into her life so that they can get close to her.

And worse, like something out of a movie, Salma believes they might attempt to kidnap her daughter and hold her for ransom!

Her fear of kidnapping comes from an incident when one of the mentally disturbed women pretended to be Salma and made "a veiled threat regarding kidnapping and ransoming” her daughter.

Hayek reported that an email from the women said, "I know where her daughter will be. How much is her life worth?”

The women were ordered to stay a minimum of 100 yards away from Hayek, her husband, and her daughter.

A court date is scheduled for next month to make the order permanent.

Though the ordeal is dramatic, one wouldn't guess that such drama is happening.  Just two days ago, while playing it cool, Salma ate silk worms and deep fried frog on a Watch What Happens Live segment.

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