Ronda Rousey: Donald Trump Lies...And He Sucks!

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We all know that Donald Trump loves to insult women, but what happens when he pisses off a female who could rip his bright red head off his neck in 8 seconds flat?

We may be about to find out, as despite his claims to the contrary, UFC champ and human punching machine Ronda Rousey is no fan of the Donald.

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Donald Trump on Debate Stage

Asked about female fighters in a recent interview with CNN, Trump surprisingly refrained from calling anyone a "fat pig" and instead made up some BS about Rousey:

Some of them are really, really good," Trump said, displaying his signature way with words.

"I’ll tell you what, I know some woman that are just — Ronda Rousey is an example, who likes me. … I’d take her on my side as a fighter.”

He's right about everything...except for the part about Rousey liking him. Asked for opinion on Trump, Rousey replied:

"I mean, I wouldn’t vote for him. I just really wouldn’t trust the guy with running my country, that’s all. … I’m not really going to get into specifics of it, but, I mean, I don’t want a reality TV star to be running my country.”

Sadly, she didn't add, "If he keeps lying about me, I'm gonna put my fist through his face like it's a 'beautiful door.'"

Currently, Trump is feuding with Heidi Klum, but we think Rousey might prove an even more formidable opponent.

This is a woman who stood up to Floyd Mayweather, knowing that he loves to hit women. She's clearly not afraid of anything.

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