Mockingjay Poster Prompts Hilarious, Accidental C-Word Scandal

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What's worse than having your name chosen as a participant in The Hunger Games?

Releasing a poster in anticipation of the final Hunger Games movie... only for keen Internet eyes to notice something fishy about it.

NSFW Mockingjay Poster

And by "fishy," we mean hilariously dirty and really Not Safe for Work at all. Not Safe for Work or Wife, really, for that matter.

The poster in question features an extreme close up of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. It has a hashtag in the bottom left-hand corner. It has the name of the film a bit higher up.

So far, so good.

But it also has the words "100 Days Until" scrawled across Ms. Everdeen's face... only the word "Until" bleeds into the second zero in "100" and the first letter in "Days" and... can you see what we're getting at here?

Can you see what word has been accidentally formed?

No? Here's a hint: It's every single woman's least favorite word in the world. 

Get it now? Do we need to C U Next Tuesday in order to double check?

Ah, yes. There it is!

No word yet from anyone at Lionsgate concerning this hilarious snafu, but we can't wait for Lawrence to talk about it on future talk show appearance.

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