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Last night, Kylie Jenner celebrated her 18th birthday with the help of a few hundred complete strangers.

Yes, Kylizzle is already getting in on the family business of getting paid just to show up to clubs and sip free drinks, and from the looks of this video, business is booming:

Kylie posted that clip to her Instagram page just minutes after she arrived for her paid appearance/birthday celebration at a Montreal beach club.

Clearly, the girl is just as popular north of the border as she is stateside.

It’s a little weird that at 18, she’s already getting paid to show up places, say four words into a microphone and have drunk people scream about how much they love her, but such is life in the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Hey, at least she hasn’t accepted any of the 8-figure offers to make a sex tape with Tyga…yet.

Anyway, we’re hoping that after Kylie’s trip to Mexico and last night’s fiesta in Canada, she can finally call an end to her week-long birthday celebration and get down to the business of doing whatever the hell it is that she does.

Whatever it is, we’re sure she’ll be paid well for it, because despite their many claims to the contrary, Americans just can’t get enough of this family.