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Ever since Kim Richards was arrested for public intoxication early this year, she has been on a rapid downward spiral.

Kim Richards on Entertainment Tonight

Recently, Kim was arrested for shoplifting at Target.  And now, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star left the hospital last week and is refusing further treatment.

This is exceptionally bad news, but it is clear her condition and health are only getting worse.

Kim spent 48 hours at an undisclosed hospital, undergoing treatment for mental health concerns.

The reality star and aunt to Paris and Nicky Hilton “was advised that she needed to continue treatment, but ultimately decided not to stay, and left,” a source said.

The source added,  “Kim’s four children are absolutely heartsick about her tragic situation. She is spiraling out of control. She has said she doesn’t remember the events leading up to her shoplifting arrest!”

This is reminiscent of her arrest in May, when Kim said, “I remember bits and pieces.”

After her May incident, she entered rehab.  But she left the program after 30 days.

Her family has been begging her to go back into treatment.  But the source stated, “She is absolutely refusing. The family just doesn’t know what to do, and are afraid something horrible is going to happen to her.”

Richards spent the night in jail after her shoplifting arrest.  She was released on $5,000 bond.

Once she was released, her family and loved ones intervened.

According to the source, “The family believes that Kim has three options. 1. She goes back to rehab. 2. She’s put on a 5150 hold. 3. She could end up hospitalized from alcohol poisoning or pill overdose.”

“Kim is a ticking time bomb, and her kids just hope she is in a safe place when she hits rock bottom, and will be able to recover from it,” added the source.

Rumors also claim that Kim is living out of her car.  So needless to say, things are not looking good for Kim Richards right now.