Kim Richards Target Arrest: WTH Happened?

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We may never know exactly why Kim Richards shoplifted items from Target earlier this month.

But the store has now released an incident report of the alleged event, which led to the troubled star's latest arrest, and it at least gives us an idea of how Richards shoplifted items from Target.

According to the documents, obtained by TMZ, Richards initially grabbed some reusable bags from the Van Nuys location of this chain.

She then loaded them up with merchandise from the dollar section, tossing in various kinds of toys and accessories. 

Target goes on to explain that the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star placed the bags in a shopping cart and drove said cart to the the express line... simply leaving it there without checking out.

Richards told the clerk the items had already been paid for.

She then grabbed another cart, eschewed any bags this time around and filled up the cart with toys and beauty products.

Kim proceeded to push both her carts out of the store, got about three feet past the front door and was apprehended by a security guard who took her to a booking room.

Once there, Kim claimed she didn't recall whether or not she had paid for the items (which totaled approximately $600).

The police were called in and they placed Richards under arrest.

Richards, who has battled a substance abuse problem for years, is also now allegedly facing some major financial problems.

It may not explain why she would steal an endless array of toys, but a recent report claims Richards is homeless and living out of her car.

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