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Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett and their hilarious marital saga are back, and on Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 1, the tables are turned!

Because our girl no longer playing the victim, people! Hells no.

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For far too long, Kendra alternated between self-loathing, heartbreak and rage over whether or not husband Hank Baskett cheated on her.

On Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 1, she flipped the script!

Possibly literally. This WE tv show is obviously some of the most scripted, contrived, unrealistic nonsense you will ever see on "reality TV."

Just putting that out there. So how did the premiere play out?!

Right after they SHOCKINGLY agreed to stay together on the Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 finale, Kendra and Hank ratcheted up the drama again.

You almost have to give them credit for milking this so well.

The premiere even appears to pick up with the couple driving home from their stint on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, which is kind of hilarious.

Obviously, one of the following three scenarios is true:

  1. Their marriage is still a major work in progress;
  2. They are really good at faking it for ratings;
  3. It’s a little bit of both columns 1 and 2.

Whatever it is, we learn that they are having sex regularly, but still not communicating all that well about intimacy or personal issues at all.

They are also spending a lot of time apart, and clearly there are some feelings which are repressed, even after the Boot Camp journey.

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As a professional reality star, Wilkinson does work, and she did so for the better part of two months overseas, away from her family.

"I was able to stick it out with you, now I need you to stick it out with me," she tells Hank, saying it’s "her turn" to work on herself now.

Again, it’s either a sign of real resentment or a forced storyline to tie her UK reality TV ventures into Season 4 of Kendra on Top.

One never really knows, but she’s having doubts, sometimes questioning her marriage to Hank, wondering, "Am I cut out for this?"

It makes you wonder. Especially when the former Playmate cozies up to her I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here costar, Jimmy Bollard.

"I love Jimmy, and I want to kiss him," she says. "Being with him, having fun, and flirting, inside of me it does something. It feels good."

"I guess it’s wrong, but maybe that’s why it feels so right."

Naturally, she wakes up hungover and confronted by photos that show her kissing Jimmy, alright. Or so it would appear. Oh, so scandalout!

On the phone, Kendra tries to explain that she doesn’t remember much, if anything, but a livid Hank hangs up on her over this hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, K-Dubs nearly bailed on the new show after her father, Eric, was in Singapore and about to go into surgery to help his neck.

Fortunately, he’s okay, and the drama is just getting started as Season 4 of Kendra on Top has set the stage for some truly epic reality TV.

Just follow the link to watch Kendra on Top online above, and then pay tribute to Ava London, the transgender model who revitalized their careers.