Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Finale Recap: They Do?!

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Friday night, Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 12 saw the culmination of an epic journey for our beloved C- and D-list couples of WE tv.

The million-dollar, burning question facing all:

Would they stay together or call it quits?

Picking up where last week - and the whole season up until now - left off, the stakes were high to begin Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 12.

So many ups and downs have brought us here.

Arguments, fights, emotional meltdowns, even a lie detector test. Countless doubts have been sparked in the minds of the troubled twosomes.

Who will agree to stick it out and who, if anyone, will decide it's been real, but it's time to split up FOR real after going through this madness?

For Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, the crossroads is especially daunting following the infamous Ava Sabrina London cheating scandal.

Whether or not he has come on her, it's unclear. But he has come clean about having betrayed Kendra and then lied about it. So what now?

“I warned him that if he ever f–-ked up, I would either kill him or never speak to him again,” Kendra says to one of the reality show’s directors.

“If there's a new story and he's not telling me something," the former Playboy bunny adds, "that's not what I forgave and I will not forgive.”

“I am nervous that Hank could go back and fall back into that place and if that happens, then let’s just call our relationship over.”

Damn, girl.

Fortunately, they were able to find it within themselves (or the cue cards) to move forward and continue the healing process as one.

As Hank explained to Kendra, "We had to grow individually because that allowed us to grow together. And that's what we needed."

After Kendra asks Hank if he has faith in them, he shows her his ring, asking, "What did it say on the inside?" Kendra's response?

"Mine said forever too, but it's down the drain. I'm still healing. I'm still in a very off place right now. I need a little bit more time."

Soon enough, the time came ... to renew vows! You can watch Marriage Boot Camp online to see the magic play out for yourself.

As for the other couples, follow the links to see if there were any surprises in store, then pick up the drama on Kendra on Top.

Yes, they funneled right into another season of her other reality show where they will continue to ride this for all it's worth.


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