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The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Joe Giudice reportedly got into an argument with his eldest daughter, Gia, at the Jersey Shore this weekend.

Sources say the beach house melee was so disruptive that neighbors got involved and eventually, local police were called to the scene.

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Joe Giudice, who is taking care of his four daughters while there mother, Teresa Giudice, is serving her 15-month prison sentence, had it out with Gia.

The eldest of the couple’s four daughters, 14-year-old Gia had been locked out of the house for several minutes trying to get back inside.

Once Joe finally let her inside, he could be heard screaming at Gia from the back yard … that’s when a neighbor tried in vain to step in.

The female neighbor tried to calm down Joe, 43, and the two engaged in a shouting match of their own, after which police were called.

According to TMZ, the neighbor could be heard yelling, "this guy is crazy, he’s dangerous, call the cops." Someone did that very thing.

Law enforcement says no arrests were made, however, and that Gia Giudice and her sisters begged police not to arrest their dad.

A rep for Joe says the argument started because Joe was having a party and the neighbor felt it was inappropriate for kids to be around.

That doesn’t explain why he was reaming out his own kid, however, but it looks like he avoided more trouble with the law … for now.

Joe is due to start his 41-month prison sentence for fraud after Teresa returns from hers around the holidays or early next year.

They were sentenced in October and she went away in January, and rumors of Joe Giudice cheating on Teresa soon followed.

We can only imagine her reaction to this story …