Joe Giudice Accused Of Verbally Abusing Daughters

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Earlier this month, cops were called in response to a screaming match between Joe and Gia Giudice.

Those closest to the family were puzzled, as the 14-year-old aspiring singer is a self-described "daddy's girl" who's always gotten along well with her hot-tempered father.

Now, sources are claiming that the sudden friction between the two has less to do with Gia's teenage rebellion, and more to do with Joe cracking under the pressure of raising a family single-handedly, with a lengthy prison sentence looming.

Joe Giudice on the Phone

“He curses and yells at his daughters,” one insider tells Radar Online. “It’s just the way he speaks — and they are [often heard] crying because of it.”

Some have even gone so far as to say that Joe verbally abuses his daughters, often shocking other family members with his behavior.

“Audriana, the youngest, was in the bathtub and the water overflowed and came through the light fixtures in the kitchen," says the source.

"Teresa’s mother and father were there — and Joe noticed the water and started swearing and cursing like a crazy person.”

“He went flying up the stairs yelling, ‘Why isn’t Audriana monitored?' He was cursing out Gia, who was supposed to be watching Audriana, and he yelled at Audriana as well.”

“Teresa’s mother ran up and grabbed Audriana and screamed, ‘She’s only a baby. She’s only a baby!' And Teresa’s dad scolded Joe and said, ‘I never swore or yelled like that in front of my children in my life.'”

Some insiders claim that part of the problem is that the girls have picked up lots of bad habits due to a lack of supervision, as Joe is often out romancing other women while his wife is incarcerated.

Others say Giudice realizes that his 41-month prison sentence is fast approaching (He'll turn himself in shortly after Teresa is released later this year.) and the pressure is causing him to crack.

Whatever the case, we're sure the girls will be happy to have their mother back.

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