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Decision making isn’t exactly Chris Brown’s strong suit.

Sure, Chris hasn’t gone to jail this summer (There’s still time!), but he’s still had plenty of WTF?! moments.

From fighting over custody of daughter Royalty to getting high on a plane and blowing weed smoke in a flight attendant’s face, it’s been a Breezy summer alright, and now the most moronic man in music is capping things off with a major bonehead move:

Chris Brown Head Tattoo

That’s Chris getting what appears to be a profile of Susan Boyle inked onto the back of his head.

We don’t what it’s actually supposed to be or what the hell Chris was thinking, but the Internet has lots of theories.

Some say it’s meant to depict the Venus de Milo. Others claim it’s supposed to be some other goddess.

Still others believe that Chris intended to get the Virgin Mary on his noggin but never mastered that thing where you use two mirrors to see the back of your head.

Either way, we hope Chris is happy with the end result. The way that dude flips out over minor offenses, we can’t imagine how he would react to learning that his dome has been permanently effed-up.

Homey in the blue gloves might wanna go into hiding.