Anna Duggar KNEW Josh Duggar Molested His Sisters Prior to Marriage

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We've already listed the many reasons that Anna Duggar should leave Josh Duggar, but it seems there's just no way to make the mother of four realize how terrible the man she married truly is.

Insiders say Anna remains fully committed to Josh despite revelations that he cheated on her with a porn star, and apparently, her devotion is nothing new.

People magazine is now reporting that Anna found out that Josh molested five young girls (including four of his sisters) early on in their relationship, but proceeded to marry him anyway.

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According to one insider, however, Anna's upbringing was so sheltered that she didn't fully grasp the severity of his crimes:

“Anna did know," says the source. "Her whole family knew something had happened...I don’t think she understood the entirety of what had happened. It was kind of something that was swept under the rug and nobody made a big deal out of it.

“She was very sheltered with anything that came to physical relations or anything like that. She knew the words ‘rape’ or ‘abuse,’ but I don’t think she really understood what that even meant.”

Despite the extremely conservative beliefs of Anna's family, her parents were willing to overlook Josh's ugly past, which basically left her with no choice but to marry him:

“They still gave their blessing,” says the source. “How she was brought up, if your parents gave their blessing then you pretty much marry the guy and that’s what God’s will is for you and what’s best for your life.

"So much of her belief was based on what her parents told her and not in the actual truth. She looked to her parents and they were okay with it, so she was okay with it.”

Shockingly, Anna's parents are still in Josh's corner, and they've even used the Bible to justify his actions:

"Well, King David had an affair,” Anna's father reportedly said when asked about the situation.

Suddenly, Anna's reluctance to leave her philandering, abusive husband doesn't seem quite so shocking.

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