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Apparently, this is the summer of nostalgia.

A Jurassic movie dominated at the box office, a Bush and a Clinton are in the race for the White House, the Full House is returning to TV, and in what might be the most surprising throwback of all – 50 Cent is all over the news.

Granted, Mr. Cent isn’t old school as Uncle Jesse or the literal dinosaurs of Jurassic World, but he hasn’t released music that anyone has actually cared about in nearly a decade, so it’s a bit shocking to see the gossip world buzzing about all things Fiddy.

First, 50 filed for bankruptcy, and we all learned that while he’s far from broke, he’s got a Trump-esque talent for exaggerating his wealth.

Now the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef has caused 50 to re-ignite an old beef with another early-90s relic – Ja Rule.

50 Cent at Southpaw Premiere
Photo via Abel Fermin/

It started innocently enough when in response to tweets comparing the two feuds, Ja tweeted, “Which one supposed to be Ja Rule?”

As he’s wont to do, 50 upped the ante and tweeted, “If y’all wanna compare #meekvsdrake to 50vsRule I’m gonna need one of these n–gas to get stabbed or shot!!!!”

When Ja failed to respond, an apparently bored 50 posted a photo of him with a caption reading, “Oh I herd [sic] what you said on the power 105 morning show, you f–king punk. Everybody know I put your ass to sleep.”

The reference is to a radio interview Rule did last year!

Just moments ago, Ja really went in posting a photo of 50 with a caption reading, “This ho has a lot of balls! Unfortunately she also has a p–sy. Shut up before someone put a d-ck in ya mouth!”

We think it’s safe to say that escalated quicker than anyone expected.

Stay tuned to find out who throws the next social media hissy fit.