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Say what you will about 50 Cent’s career and money management skills (the once wildly popular rapper recently declared bankruptcy), but you can’t knock the man’s ability to send his rivals running to the burn ward with nothing more than a clever Instagram caption.

Last summer, 50 dissed Floyd Mayweather and challenged the famously illiterate rapper to read "one page of a Harry Potter book."

Earlier this month, 50 feuded with Ja Rule for some reason, proving once and for all that the Murder Inc. growler is, in fact, still alive.

Now, Fiddy has set his sights on Diddy and French Montana, and the results are predictably hilarious.

50 Cent Disses Diddy
50 Cent Disses French Montana

He posted the pic on the left with a caption reading, "Me and Puff sat and kicked it today he said, 50 I’m gettin to old for this sh-t. I said, I KNOW."

The pic on the right is pretty self-explanatory (50 shills for Effen Vodka, Puff endorses Ciroc), but 50 offered some extra commentary anyway:

"I know Puffy touched your butt French…talkin about he was high, no he was horny."

We’re not sure what incident 50 is referring to, but obviously, French was less than pleased with the insinuation.

The rapper and former boyfriend of Khloe Kardashian posted this video to let the world know how he feels about 50 and his liquor of choice:

We’re sure 50 is cooking up a response at this very moment. Stay tuned. We feel like this beef is about to get a lot more interesting.