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As you may have heard, 50 Cent doesn’t have a dollar to his name – and that’s not just a joke about his stage name.

The rapper has filed for bankruptcy, and though the move was primarily a legal strategy to help him avoid shelling out for a lawsuit filed by Rick Ross’s ex-wife, Fiddy must now suffer the indignity of doing whatever the court says in order to pay back his creditors.

For celebs, that often means making humiliating paid appearances or participating in lame stunts to cash in on their fame. For 50, it means letting people sleep in his bed. 

Allow us to explain:

For years, 50 has been trying to sell the massive Connecticut mansion which – as we learned in yesterday’s rundown of 50’s expenses –  costs him $67,000 a month in maintenance fees.

Interesting side note: he bought the place from Mike Tyson, and he’s neighbors and friends with Meryl Streep.

Yes, Mr. Cent’s world is a weird one, and it’s about to become even weirder as he’ll be generating cash by renting the place out to strangers.

No word on what the rent will be like, but whoever takes up temporary residence in Casa de Fiddy will need more than just a couple quarters in their pocket.

The place features 21 bedrooms, 9 kitchens and a casino. Yes, a casino.

We look forward to 50’s upcoming concept album: Avoid Going Completely Broke or Die Tryin’.