Woman Masturbates in Car, Slams Into M&J Seafood Truck

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Earlier today, we posted a video of Rob Lowe shirtless and singing along to The Sound of Music.

But that is now only the second weirdest story of the day.

According to The Gloucestershire Echo, a local woman smashed into the rear bumper of a M&J Seafood truck over the weekend after her vehicle suddenly lurched in traffic.

Screaming Woman

When the truck driver was called in to his boss’s office, thinking he might be fired for the mishap, the employer instead showed the man video from the back of the company’s truck.

The footage proved that the woman was at fault because she had a Rampant Rabbit-style sex toy inside her pants.

And it must have just hit a certain extra special spot, causing the unidentified female to slam on the gas (in more ways than one!).

"They all had a good laugh," a source tells the newspaper of the M&J employees. "Apparently the lady was pretty fit."

We're not sure what fit exactly means in British parlance.

But we can take some guesses!

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