Scott Disick Ignores Daughter's Birthday on Social Media, Posts Pic of Sports Car Instead

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Man, we know he's definitely earned the nickname "Douche Lord" many times over the years, but lately it feels like Scott Disick is just going out of his way to be the worst villain in reality TV history.

We knew that Disick would be skipping daughter Penelope's 3rd birthday today, but we thought the newly-dumped 32-year-old would at least give his little girl a shout-out on social media.

Instead, the Lord (who's been absent from Instagram for a week) posted a photo of his next purchase:

Scott Disick Red Carpet
Scott Disick Car Photo

Yes, after going silent for days, Scott didn't thank fans for his support, or - better yet - apologize for his infidelity and wish his daughter a happy birthday. No, he simply posted the pic on the right with a caption reading, "Need this asap."

Perhaps it's Scott's way of assuring fans that being dumped by his baby mama for cheating with his ex hasn't changed him one bit.

He's still the same old D-bag fans have come to know and somewhat tolerate over the years.

Or maybe Scott posts on Instagram the same way he does everything else: without a thought for anyone, including his own family.

Thankfully, his daughter's young enough that she probably won't remember this day.

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