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Just moments before proposing to Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nick Viall was faced with the devastating truth: Kaitlyn was in love with someone else.

"I was in shock," Viall told People Magazine about being dumped by Kaitlyn. ”And then reality set in and I felt that hurt and pain. It sucked."

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As usual, the show made it appear to be an excruciating decision.

But Kaitlyn chose Shawn Booth, deciding that she would rather spend the rest of her life (or few months before they break up) with Booth.

Throughout the season, Viall struggled to maintain a good relationship with the other contestants, especially Booth.

The two went head-to-head on Monday’s After the Final Rose special, but Viall doesn’t hold a grudge.

The 34-year-old software salesman felt the brief feud between he and Booth “was unfortunate and it was frustrating.”

"We looked immature and petty. But I have no animosity towards Shawn."

"And I didn’t get to know him well, but I did get to know Kaitlyn, and I trust her judgment. No matter what I think, that says something."

"Shawn and I just butted heads.”

Maybe Nick just feels used.

After all, Kaitlyn and Nick hooked up while filming the show. Viall claims it was meaningful sex. But clearly, Kaitlyn didn’t think so.

At least not meaningful enough …