Mel Gibson Has New, REALLY YOUNG Girlfriend

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The last few years have reconfirmed that Mel Gibson is a whack job.

It has been just over one year since Mel Gibson's battery charges were expunged. And before that, Mel was accused of terrorizing his stepmother.  

Not to mention the whole anti-Semitic, DUI meltdown. Yes, it's hard to believe anyone would want a single thing to do with the unstable actor. 

But despite his despicable behavior and attitude, Mel actually has a girlfriend. A 24-year-old girlfriend who is probably too young to know better.

Mel Gibson at Mad Max

Rumor has it that Mel Gibson’s new lady is Rosalind Ross, a screenwriter who was hired to work for his production company.

Star Magazine revealed, “The 59 year old actor has been quietly romancing former world champion equestrian vaulter Rosalind Ross for the past few months. Sources say Mel was first introduced to Rosey when she signed on to co-write a feature script for his company Icon Productions.” 

Of course, Gibson doesn’t have the best dating history.

But he is supposedly “taking it slow” with Rosalind.

Mel took Rosalind on a 10-day getaway in Costa Rica.  That isn’t exactly “slow.”  But when has Mel Gibson ever done anything normal?  Never.

Wait.  Was that part in The Passion of the Christ?  The part where Jesus said it is okay to take your barely-legal girlfriend on a vacay and likely have pre-marital sex?

It’s unlikely this relationship will last.  Considering Mel is old enough to be her grandfather, the odds aren’t in their favor.

The only woman Mel Gibson can get is a young woman - one who was too little to remember the numerous times when he lost his sh*t and fell from a beloved star to a psycho Hollywood celeb.

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