Mel Gibson Battery Conviction to Be Expunged in Oksana Grigorieva Case

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The battery conviction Mel Gibson earned for his open-handed smack of then-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in 2010 is about to be expunged from his record.

Gibson, whose EPIC voicemail rants made daily news after Grigorieva leaked them that year, pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor count of battery.

He admitted he "slapped Oksana one time with an open hand in an attempt to bring her back to reality" during an altercation, but denied worse allegations.

Because he finished his probation, the actor's record will now show no evidence that he ever got into a fight with the mother of his 4-year-old daughter, Lucia.

Mel has completed three years of probation, done community service, paid a fine, gone to a year of counseling, and maintained peace with Oksana Grigorieva.

In a 2011 interview, Gibson justified entering the no contest plea as a means to ending the contentious situation, even if he could have won in court.

“I was allowed to end the case and still maintain my innocence,” he said. “I could have continued to fight this for years and it probably would have come out fine."

"But I ended it for my children and my family."

“This was going to be such a circus. You don’t drag other people in your life through this sewer needlessly," he said, "so I’ll take the hit and move on.”

Gibson, of course, delivered a series of racist, sexist and threatening tirades toward Grigorieva in a series of tapes that irreparably damaged his reputation.

While the court might be willing to erase the offense, Gibson’s image has yet to rebound from that saga as well as his 2006 DUI arrest and anti-Semitic rant.

Is it time to forgive and forget? Discuss ...

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