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Now that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second child, she’s being forced to make certain sacrifices.

Kim doesn’t smoke, and she’s never been much of a boozer, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have a hard time bidding farewell to some of her favorite vices – namely blonde hair, waist training corsets, and posing naked.

Actually, we’re not so sure about that last one. Don’t be surprised to see Kim take a page from Kourtney Kardashian’s book and pose naked while nine months pregnant

Anyway, for safety’s sake, the hair dye and the organ-squeezing corsets had to go, so Kim paid tribute to them on Instagram with a throwback Thursday shout-out:

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Kim posted the above pic today, with a caption reading, "#TBT to my blonde hair & my @premadonna87 waist trainer @waistgangsociety! I don’t know what I miss more! LOL"

Frankly, we don’t particularly miss Kim’s blonde hair. Nor do we look back fondly on the Kim’s waist training phase. 

The yellow locks made her look like a member of House Slytherin, and waist training has been proven time and again to be ineffective and possibly quite dangerous.

Obviously, Kim to gets paid to shill for Waist Gang Society, and we’re sure it’s been a lucrative arrangement, but hopefully, as she inevitably shares her tips and tricks while perfecting her post-baby body, she’ll remember that millions of women look to her for advice, and there’s nothing sexy about a crushed spleen.