Scott Disick to Enter Rehab Following Breakup Bender?

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In the days since Scott Disick was dumped by Kourtney Kardashian, the 32-year-old father of three has been silent with the media, but has spoken volumes with his actions.

Disick has struggled with alcoholism for years, but it seems he's fallen off the wagon harder than ever this week.

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Sources say Disick's been partying with underage girls, doing cocaine and drinking heavily in Miami, and that he's so far gone that he's started neglecting the most important thing in his life - his kids.

Scott missed daughter Penelope's third birthday party yesterday, and it seems that he even forgot wish the litte girl a happy birthday on social media until much later in the day.

Disick's friends took it as a sign that he's hitting the bottle even harder than they thought, and according to TMZ, they've now joined forces with Kourtney's family to try and convince him to check into rehab.

Scott has a long history of checking into rehab for a few days before going right back to partying, but insiders say this time his friends are worried that Disick might die if he doesn't detox soon.

One of Scott's only social media posts in the past week has been an advertisement for a club appearance in Vegas, and his friends are reportedly desperately trying to convince him to cancel the gig and seek treatment instead.

Unfortunately, it's proven difficult to get Scott to stick with a program in the past, and it may be harder than ever now that he's lost the family that was so endlessly tolerant of his many screw-ups.

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