Piers Morgan to America: Wake Up! Your Gun Culture is Disgusting!

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Piers Morgan has once again gone off on the lack of gun control in his adopted country.

The TV personality, who famously blasted a pro-gun panel after the Naval Yard shooting of 2013, took to Twitter today in light of last night's tragedy in Charleston.

In response to Dylann Roof allegedly murdering nine parishioners inside a South Carolina church, Morgan Tweeted the following:

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"Such a sickening outrage. Wake up America, your gun culture is disgusting.

"Where are you today @NRA? Want to tell us the bible group should have all had guns too?"

Morgan then went on to make a "PREDICTION," adding: 

"Gun sales will soar in South Carolina this week. It’s America’s only response to mass shootings: more guns."

President Obama (below) did mention the need to address the nation's gun laws in an emotional speech from The White House after the incident, but Morgan scoffed at the Commander-in-Chief's sincerity. 

"I’m sick of President Obama biting his lip in post-massacre statements as he did today, pretending he deeply cares when he, too, has done absolutely nothing to stop these atrocities happening,” Morgan wrote in a column for The Daily Mail, adding:

“In his last State of Union address, Obama never even mentioned the word ‘gun’ – a shameful omission."

Morgan also ranted about gun control in 2012, following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

"How many more kids have to die before you guys say, 'We want less guns, not more,'" Morgan yelled at the time, addressing gun advocates.

Looking ahead to the criticism sure to come his way, Morgan concluded in his newspaper piece:

“I’m sick of gun nuts on social media arrogantly, defiantly insisting their ‘rights’ are more important than the deaths of the victims.

"I’m sick of anyone who dares use the phrase ‘gun control’ in America being instantly abused and labeled an ‘enemy of the state.'"

What do YOU think of Morgan's remarks? Is it time for serious gun control legislation?

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