Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: Yung Joc Baby Mamas Club

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On Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 8, the latest installment of VH1's iconic series, the focus shifted to a man who is at times a minor player:

Yung Joc.

A minor player in terms of screen time, that is. When it comes to playing the field, the dude gets around like no other. We're talking FOUR baby mamas!

Picking up where last week left off, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 8 showed us just how much Yung Joc has his Yung hands full.

If you watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta online, you are more or less familiar with his twisted web of romances, relationships, love and hip hop.

The amazing thing is that by and large, the four baby mamas get along really well and there is not a lot of baby mama drama in the life of Joc.

That doesn't mean they're fans of his current girlfriend, Khadiyah Lewis, though. Or vice versa. That's where the tension is arising this week.

Says Sina Bina, one of the four: "At least once a year we get together with Joc - and sometimes the kids - and celebrate our blended family."

"Ultimately we're all strong, intelligent, independent women who just happen to fall in love and have babies with a guy who disappointed us."

Pretty mature assessment, really. But when Joc and Khadiyah arrive at the shindig, she is about ready to throw down with Joc's new piece.

Sina says: "Bringing this homewrecker into our family meet-up? All I can think about was that Joc has finally lost his ever-loving mind."

He thinks Khadiyah deserves to be there, and she agrees. If anything, she's as upset at Joc for permitting this treatment. Says Khadiyah:

"For months now, these ladies have treated me like an outsider who's not welcome in their little 'baby mamas' club and I fault Joc for allowing that."

"So now that he done messed up, he trying to make a point by bringing me here," she goes on, and boy is she bent on making her own point.

"Reminding these women that Joc is with me now, and I ain't puttin' up with no more disrespect, especially from Miss Toe-Sucker over there."

Damn. Did any actual fights follow those fightin' words? Follow the links above to watch the enthralling episode for yourself and find out right now.

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