Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Just Like a Circus

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As expected, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 7 left us shaking our heads and trying to remember where all of this drama even originated.

Seriously. It can be hard to keep track with these lunatics.

Those of us who watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta online regularly know all too well that the Mimi Faust sex tape continues to be a focal point.

Why? Because what else is there to talk about, really? Their alleged music careers? Stevie J and Joseline's utterly f--ked up relationship?

Okay, the latter is still good TV. But you get the point.

There's little doubt the Mimi Faust sex tape is fueling the beef between Margeaux, Nikko's wife, and Mimi, his ... sex tape plaything.

Naturally, Nikko felt the two should get together.

To hash it out? To mentally and physically attack each other so one would ditch him forever and make his decision easier? Who can say.

They didn’t come to physical blows, however, most likely because of beefed up security and fear of getting kicked off the show for fighting.

Okay ... it was ONLY for those reasons.

The main takeaway, if there's one we can point to, is that Mimi, not Nikko, was the mastermind of the sex tape ... according to Margeaux.

But will we ever know the truth?!

Elsewhere, Mimi took Deb Antney’s advice about having Eva illustrate three books for Nikko, who she revealed some other details about.

Apparently, Nikko told her that he had been taping their phone calls. About what? Why? We have no idea, but expect VH1 to drag this out.

When she met up to give him the Eva-illustrated books, Nikko implied he is quite sure he owns 25 percent of her career as per their "deal."

The fabricated plot thickens.

Whilst this was going on, Yung Joc told Kirk about Rasheeda auctioning off his s--t, so he cut his business trip (har har) with Ashley short.

In a hilarious, not-at-all-scripted scene, he showed up to put the kibosh on the event, but Rasheeda made the auctioneer just keep going.

Soon enough, though, it fizzled out as Rasheeda, Shirlene and Ashley Nicole got into it and everyone else made their way to the exits.

Ashley brought up Kirk cheating on Rasheeda to get under her skin, while Rasheeda responded that she can nix her record deal at will.

Not really, but it sounded good.

Later, Kirk and Rasheeda discussed what went down, pretending that they both felt victimized and violated by this choreographed storyline.

Finally, Joseline was hella pissed to find out about Stevie and Mimi’s management company working with Jessica Dime and Tiffany Fox.

She told Stevie she was the only artist he needed to manage, which did not go over well, and boy did things just go haywire from there.

Call us crazy, but when someone is screaming “f--k you, you piece of trash" and other such comments, it may be time for more counseling.

Just an idea.

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