Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: Know Your Role

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The theme of Monday night's Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 6 was people who don't seem to know their role within relationships.

Sounds abstract, no? Let's break down the individual cases ...

Having taken a week off for the Mendecees Harris and Yandy Smith wedding, VH1 returned with a new episode last night and it was a doozy.

When you watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta online, you'll receive a heavy dose of Momma Dee and as expected, that dose is often combative.

Momma Dee and Ernest told their families of their plans to re-marry, which went so well, Scrappy had to restrain Jasmine from attacking her.

Meanwhile, Nikko is "giving Margeaux some space" since she kicked him out of her apartment ... but invites her to the gym to talk anyway.

He wants to "get on the same page," which is hilarious.

What page is that, the lying, conniving d-bag page?

Despite the drama over the Mimi Faust sex tape and this guy's inability to be honest (or not be a jackass) Margeaux still wants to make it work.

Some of these guys and their power over women.

Elsewhere, Kirk stops by Ashley’s rehearsal in preparation for their promotional tour to make some money and get Rasheeda off of his back.

Ashley is still not a fan of Kirk keeping his new “office” a secret from his wife, while Rasheeda tries and fails to drop Kirk from her accounts.

It's a pretty messed up situation, as Kirk has asked Ashley to try to get along with his wife, but she still can’t resist meddling with 'Sheeda.

After she threatens to punch Ashley, Kirk breaks it up.

As for Stevie J, he is out of rehab and Joseline is excited to try and reconnect. But soon after he must leave to go settle his custody case.

So it goes in the life of Stevie J sometimes.

Joseline later surprises him N.Y. to support him in court, which meant a lot to him and cemented them as the most stable couple of the week.

Never thought you'd see that day, eh?

Arianne, Mimi and Karlie attend a waist trainer fashion show event (yes, this is a thing) put together by Dawn where Jessica Dime is modeling.

Mimi and Arianne talk disdainfully about Nikko keeping Margeaux “hidden” for so long, and soon enough, Mimi and Margeaux get HEATED.

Finally, Rasheeda enlists Erica and her mother to sell Kirk's s--t at an auction in order to get the money he won’t give her for her businesses.

That's one way to make a point.

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