Kevin Smith Drops 85 Pounds, Continues to Rock Jorts

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Kevin Smith doesn't make headlines very much these days (or ever?) due largely to the fact that he hasn't made a good movie since 1999's Dogma.

But Hollywood loves a good comeback story, or, failing that, a good weight loss story.

Thus, a photo of the filmmaker-turned-podcaster and his 16-year-old daughter Harley Quinn is going viral today for obvious reasons:

Kevin Smith Weight Loss Photo

Smith claims to have dropped 85 pounds, and the difference certainly shows.

The story is made all the more inspirational by the fact that the last time we checked in on him, Smith was in a feud with Southwest Airlines after alleging that he was kicked off of a flight for being overweight.

Unfortunately, Smith's unwavering commitment to jean shorts ("jorts," if you must) continues unabated.

The 44-year-old director captioned his before-and-after pic, "Left: me & my kid in 2008. Right: 2 weeks ago, 85 pounds later. I shan't wear pants and will never abort the shorts."

Well, Smith just cast his kid in his new film, in which she co-stars with Johnny Depp's daughter, so we're sure she'll eventually forgive him for his atrocious fashion sense. 

Maybe one day she'll even let him off the hook for naming her after the Joker's girlfriend. Snoochie boochies, Kev! Congrats on the misplaced poundage!

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