Kevin Federline on Life with Britney Spears: SO INSANE!

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Kevin Federline, for those of you who remember him is opening up about his time with Britney Spears, and is somehow keeping it kind of classy.

From 2004-06, after a whirlwind courtship and marriage, K-Fed and Bit-Bit traveled and were on top of the world, not to mention each other.

They had sex at least twice, as evidenced by their kids.

As incredible as this is to look back on now, given that he's Kevin Federline and she is Britney Spears, it was a match made in heaven ... briefly.

"We had an instant chemistry," says the FedEx Man in an interview with Us Weekly, until, of course, "it became a soap opera for the world."

It surprised me how down-to-earth she was, with normal Southern values instilled by her parents - but also, obviously, not that innocent."

"I have so many great memories that outweigh the bad."

Not that it was all fun and games, clearly. Adds Kev:

"Having fifty paparazzi suddenly in my face at all times was a huge eye-opener for me. Our life was running at 150,000 miles per hour."

"I soaked up as much of the lifestyle as I could. I’d walk into a club and get a table worth $15,000 a night with unlimited free drinking."

"To not have to worry about making my next car payment felt like a huge weight lifted off my soul. But everything got so crazy."

"Britney proposing to me on a plane three months after we met and getting married two months later was just us living in the moment."

"I really thought I’d spend the rest of my life with her."

"There were a few drastic things that went down, which I’ll never talk about, but when she filed for divorce, I was completely caught off guard."

"Look," he adds, "there are a million things I could say about her that would make huge headlines and cause a ton of drama, but for what?"

"The truth is I loved her to death. It was extremely tough watching her go through a phase where she was clearly not OK right after the divorce."

"There’s a lot more I could have done to help."

"Taking full custody of the boys sucked the life out of me, but it was for them. I have to give Britney’s dad, Jamie, a lot of credit for saving her."

"He made it so I could actually deal with her again."

Wow. So essentially, despite being branded as one of the biggest douchebags of all time, Kevin actually seems like a stand-up guy here.

Anything he could've said or done to get more attention or money from her, ever since they split up really, Federline has not done. At all.

He loved fame and the lifestyle he once had, but to this day, he loves Britney Spears and the person she is all that much more.

And by golly, we love him for that.

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