Conrad Hilton Avoids Prison Time For INSANE Mid-Flight Meltdown

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Back in February, Conrad Hilton was arrested for getting a little out hand during an international flight. 

And by "a little out of hand," we mean he tried to fight the pilot, screamed death threats at the crew, called the passengers "peasants," and smoked weed in the bathroom. We've all been there, right?

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Hilton has admitted that he would've "killed a flight attendant" if he hadn't been physically restrained, and witnesses have described his frightening mid-air meltdown as an act of terrorism.

The 21-year-old brother of Paris faced up to 20 years in prison and millions in fines, but Conrad is rich, white and a Hilton, so naturally he got off with 3 years probation and 750 hours of community service.

Conrad checked into rehab shortly after the incident and claims to have changed his ways, but this isn't his only WTF?! brush with the law in the past year.

Hilton's ex-girlfriend Hunter Salomon was recently granted a restraining order against him after he repeatedly broke into her home  and made various violent threats. 

Salomon - the daughter of Paris Hilton's sex tape co-star, Rick Salomon - says Conrad decided he couldn't live without her about a year after they broke up and proceeded to launch a round-the-clock stalking campaign.

She says at one point, she even encouraged him to get a restraining order because he "can't restrain himself."

So let that be a lesson - if you have good enough lawyers, they can get a judge to ignore even the most convincing cries for help.

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