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Jennifer Bassey may star on All My Children.

But the soap opera star created her very own drama off screen this week.

Bassey was given the boot from a Delta airplane for being a “risk to the flight,” explaining to TMZ how it all went down:

Jennifer Bassey image

According to the actress, she used the restroom as soon as she boarded her flight from New York to Indianapolis.

When she exited the lavatory, a flight attendant wondered why she didn’t flush and then yelled at Bassey about washing her hands.

Jennifer says she planned to use her own hand sanitizer, but the flight attendant trailed her back to her seat and told Bassey “don’t you ever touch me” when their hands bumped.

The soap star replied by mouthing the words “Go f-ck yourself,” which caused all of the flight attendants to converse… decide the plane ought to head back to the gate… and two police officers ought to escort Bassey away.

However, the police officers say they were called for an "assault" and saw no evidence of any physical altercation.

Therefore, they let Bassey go without an arrest or citation.

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