15 Passenger Shaming Pictures

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Going on a flight soon? Don't be one of these people or you might end up in a passenger shaming picture. (Seriously? What's with the bare feet!?!)

1. Make Yourself Comfortable

Make Yourself Comfortable
Not even international flights are an excuse to treat the row you're in like it's your own personal living room.

2. It's Getting Hot In Here

It's Getting Hot In Here
So this guy decided to take off some of his clothes. We should be thankful he didn't take off his pants, too.

3. Pull and Pray

Pull and Pray
FYI: That condom is not a floatation device.

4. In Flight Pedicure

In Flight Pedicure
This is acceptable on exactly none of the planets.


Okay, maybe the owner of these feet could use an in-flight pedicure. Or, you know, this person could just WEAR SHOES.

6. The Hangover

The Hangover
What happens in Vegas, amiright?

7. In Flight Movie

In Flight Movie
Now showing The Mile High Club: Reality Edition.

8. Urine Trouble

Urine Trouble
Was Justin Bieber on this flight?

9. Dear. God.

Dear. God.
NO. NOPE. No no no. NO WAY. NOPE. What is wrong with this person?

10. Hand Check

Hand Check
Is that a boarding pass in your pants or...oh, nevermind.

11. Personal Space

Personal Space
Now playing on your in-flight entertainment system: Hair. (If I had scissors, I would be sooooooo tempted.)

12. Get Crunk

Get Crunk
Dude just wants to party.

13. Put Your Feet Up

Put Your Feet Up
No, really. And please make sure to do it on the armrest of the person sitting in front of you. He totally won't mind. (What if he has a foot fetish??)

14. Extra Leg Room

Extra Leg Room
How much extra leg room does this person actually need? Is this the Jolly Green Giant?

15. Two Feet In the Air

Two Feet In the Air
At least the man in the foreground is blissfully unaware of what's happening behind him.

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