Hilary Duff: Rejected By SEVEN Dudes During Dating Game!

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It's only been three months since Hilary Duff filed for divorce from Mike Comrie, but the 27-year-old single mom's dating life is already downright hectic.

Hilary joined Tindr last month, and instantly began luring dudes in with the perfect tagline. ("Let's get pizza." Steal it.) It was later revealed that Duff would be filming her Tindr dates for an upcoming reality show. 

So it's kind of a publicity stunt, but we imagine it's still pretty exciting if you've been swiping left for the past hour and you suddenly come face-to-face with Lizzie McGuire.

Hilary Duff with Blue Hair

Anyway, we're sure Hilary gets plenty of attention on dating apps, but she wasn't quite as lucky when she participated in some weird love match game on an Australia radio show yesterday.

Eight single men called in, and Hilary (who remained anonymous) was told to describe herself to them. The guys were instructed to hang up when they heard something they didn't like.

"I have a good job, I like to cook, I like to drink wine, and I like dogs more than humans," Hilary began. (The girl knows her way around a pickup line.)

She was then asked about her perfect guy and replied, "Someone who can make me laugh. I like funny banter." Amazingly, that cost her her first caller.

Hilary then revealed that she's a single mom, and two more idiots hung up. 

When Duff was asked about her ambition requirements she answered, "If they didn't have a career yet, I'd be okay with it, but I would hope they were working toward something. If they're straight unemployed then no; I'm good."

Two presumably unemployed dudes hung up after that comment, and two more gave her the brush-off when she said her dogs sleep in bed with her.

At long last, Hilary revealed her true identity to the winner - some dude named Tony.

Will they actually go on a date? Probably not, but thanks for playing, everyone. See ya next time on Unexpectedly Humbling Experiences for Hilary Duff!

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