Farrah Abraham, Pissed Off Lion Cub Celebrate Sophia's Kindergarten Graduation

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If you think you've had a random week, just take a look at the last couple days in the weird, delusional life of Farrah Abraham.

It all started with Farrah's 24th birthday on Sunday. It was a typical celebration filled with food, fun, friends, and getting groped by Chumlee from Pawn Stars.

It's hard to maintain that level of randomness, but Farrah did her best by pissing off the Internet by both posing with a lion cub and celebrating her daughter's kindergarten graduation, all within the same 24-hour period.

Farrah Abraham & Lion Cub
Sophia Abraham Graduation Photo

No one (aside from Farrah) knows if the cub was live or stuffed, but animal advocates were pissed either way, and they made their feelings known on Farrah's Twittter page.

(There were also some quality one-liners about Farrah and the, um...large, furry cat in her lap.)

Anyway, with all the talk about Farrah's porn career, stripping career, erotic novelist career, and whatever you call someone who allows their vagina and b-hole to be molded into rubber sex toys career, you may have forgotten that she became famous in the first place for raising a daughter.

Today, that little girl graduated kindergarten, which is awesome for her, but kinda sad for the rest of us, as it means that Farrah has been famous for, like, five years.

But hey, it's Sophia's big day so let's focus on her and offer our sincerest congrats. Also, some advice: Don't be anything like your mother!!!

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