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Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Organization just lost a massive TV deal with Univision over his rant about Mexican immigrants earlier this month.

Univision announced Thursday morning that it will not air the widely popular Miss USA (owned by Miss Universe) competition next month as planned.

Colombian singer J Balvin pulled out in protest earlier, as did co-hosts Roselyn Sanchez and Cristian de la Fuente, in the wake of Trump’s comments.

Trump’s infamous rant accused Mexico of not “sending their best,” across the border, implicitly calling the nation a bunch of drug dealers and rapists.

More astonishingly, this happened when Trump announced his candidacy for president in 2016, joining the very crowded Republican primary field.

Today, in response to the largest Spanish-language network dropping his group, the Donald added that he loves Mexico, but not bad deals.

Trump said, “Univision wants to back out of signed contract because I exposed the terrible trade deals that the U.S. makes with Mexico.”

Oh, and he’ll sue Univision for “hundreds of millions of dollars” for breaching what he says is a binding, five-year deal to air the Miss USA pageant.

Donald tells TMZ the contract, signed this January, is iron-clad and that the network had no right to back out for any reason, let alone this.

He says Univision was immediately apologetic, telling him they were backed against the wall and pleading with him not to talk about Mexico.

The candidate, who’s polling surprisingly well, says, “I love the Mexican people, but I’m running for President and our country comes first.”

As for Cristian de la Fuente, Trump added, “We never even signed the guy. After the Miss USA people saw him they were unimpressed.”

And that’s the life of Donald Trump for you. Stay tuned, because this latest twist in the bizarre saga that is his life is bound to get crazier.