The Royals Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Man Down!

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The Royals Season 1 Episode 8 saw the royal family rocked to its core in a game-changing installment that will change how you think about TV.

Just kidding. This is guilty pleasure nonsense at its best. Not that we're complaining, especially after checking out the new royal baby photos.

Americans love us some British royalty, real or faux, and on The Royals Season 1 Episode 8, s--t just got epically real for that latter. Let's recap:

If you watch The Royals online, you know there's been major tension brewing over King Simon's desire to abolish the monarchy altogether.

Well, the regal ones trapped in the bunker in the wake of the King getting stabbed might be rethinking their opposition to the plan about now.

Who stabbed Simon? The threats and accusations began to fly.

Why was Cyrus in the room first? Why did Eleanor have blood on her hands? (It was actually paint.) And what did Ophelia see or not see?

One thing is for sure: Simon was proven correct here about his family rapidly devolving into unstable crazy people incapable of leadership.

Ironically, it was Queen Helena who calmed everyone down and became the rock Liam needed to assume the role of regent, or acting monarch.

As for Eleanor, her recent mission to go clean was tested, big time.

Fortunately, Jasper did for her what she needed most and that was take her to see her father. But Eleanor still didn't trust him, and for good reason.

He surely wouldn't guess that she of all people would turn him in.

She accused him of playing a part in her father’s attack, and while it's still unclear how that will play out, his past is not going to do him any favors.

Later, confronted about sleeping with him, Helena didn't deny it ... and suggested it was all part of her plan to see if he had true feelings for Ellie.

Diabolical ... but that runs in the faux family to say the least.

Liam, it turns out, planned to sign the referendum, but was stopped from becoming regent by his uncle Cyrus, who put all his cards on the table.

He publicly accused the Queen of adultery, claimed Liam and Eleanor were illegitimate, and made a play for the crown in brazen fashion.

While Liam was playing his mom, Helena was playing him right back. What twists and turns await in the next chapters of this epic saga?!

Until next time ... check out the new royal baby princess!!!!

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