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They aren’t just playing dress up. They are kicking boosy and looking hot.  

Taylor Swift and her famous friends wore $13,000 of sex shop outfits for Taylor’s “Bad Blood” music video, according to a new report.

Taylor Swift Single Artwork

The ladies in the video wore $13,000 of sex shop clothes borrowed from an L.A.-based adult store, The Stockroom.

Uh, gross. I wouldn’t borrow anything from a sex store. Who else may have borrowed it? And what did they do in it???

Some of the clothing included a latex dress that Taylor wears in the first scene. She also donned a $235 lingerie piece. Selena Gomez, meanwhiel, rocked a $360 black, latex blouse.

The owner of the store, Shawn Gentry, told Page Six that out of the $13,000 of borrowed clothes, they kept $5,000 of fetish wear. Is Tay getting freaky???

The video is a star-studded event featuring mega-celebs Mariska Hargitay, Ellen Pompeo, Cara Delevingne, Lena Dunham, Jessica Alba, Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge, Zendaya, Ellie Goulding, Hailee Steinfeld and Gigi Hadid.

All of the ladies present their femme fatale alter-egos, while performing stunts in front of a black-white-and-red backdrop.

Taylor’s "Bad Blood" video set the VEVO viewing record, so it looks like the costumes did the job!