Arrow Season 3 Finale Teaser: My Name is Oliver Queen!

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Say his name, biatch!

On Arrow Season 3 Episode 22 last night, Oliver Queen was all over the place.

He was aligned with Malcolm... then he was trying to save his friends in Starling City... then he was setting off a virus inside their prison cell.. then he was marrying Nyssa.

With Ra's al Ghul set to implement his devastating final plan on Arrow Season 3 Episode 23, will Oliver be able to shed his identity as Al Sah-him and save... well, the world?

It sure looks that way, based on the above CW teaser, which concludes with our hero screaming the words we've been dying to hear come out of his mouth for a couple weeks now:


You are damn right it is!

The CW, of course, has already picked up this fantastic drama for a fourth season.

We'll find out on Thursday, May 14 just where on the schedule it is placed for 2015-2016, as The CW rolls out its lineup at its annual Upfront Presentation.

Until then, go ahead and ogle Stephen Amell above and watch Arrow online below if you need to catch up:

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