Castle Season 7 Episode 23 Recap: How It All Began

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We dealt with Rick's past and Kate's future on Castle Season 7 Episode 23.

The finale of this ABC hit focused a surprising amount on a Case of the Week, but only because it related significantly to what made Rick Castle into the murder-obsessed man he is today.

We opened with a woman named Emma being hit and killed by a truck after being chased through the woods.

Crosses were carved on to her face and this brought back a childhood memory for Castle, even more so after learning of how a masked man in black was after Emma.

This description matched that of a killer Rick had come across as an 11-year old. But he was never sure what he had actually witnessed back in the day in Hollander's Woods.

“I need to end this,” Castle declared after realizing the culprit had been targeting women for decades.

Beckett assists Castle and digs up some farmland that a psychologist (whose voice stirred something inside Rick) named Dr. Holtzman inherited. It happens to be located near where Emma was run down.

Our favorite crime-fighting duo goes there… Castle enters the barn… and he finds the car, the mask and photos of ritualistically carved women. This is totally the killer.

A fight ensues, Beckett slips Castle her gun and Castle fires away into the shrink’s belly. Dead.

The finale concludes at a gala where Michael Connelly presents the Poe’s Pen Career Achievement Award to Castle. He gets up there and thanks all his loved ones, including Beckett.

“This is because of you, because of us,” he says to her. “Always.”

Oh, and did we mention that an offer has been made to Beckett about running for New York State Senate?!?

Watch Castle online to see guest star Lance Reddick make it and then sound off: Should Beckett accept? Is she a politician or cop?

And can one somehow be both?

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