Bill Rancic Defends Giuliana: That Zendaya Joke Was Harmless!

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Bill Rancic thinks everyone has to calm the eff down.

In a manner of speaking, that is.

Rancic appeared on The Today Show this morning and stood staunchly up for Giuliana Rancic, who got into boiling hot water a couple months ago after making a joke about Zenday's outfit at the Academy Awards.

Rancic criticized the young star's look at the event by saying it appeared as if the 18-year old "smells like patchouli oil… or maybe weed."

The backlash came quickly and strongly against Giuliana, who apologized on multiple occasions for what many deemed to be a racist remark.

Bill Rancic, however, doesn't think his wife owes anyone any kind of mea culpa.

“Her intent was to make a hippie joke,” he said today. “We knew that she didn’t do anything wrong.”

In Giuliana's defense, he's most likely right. Moreover, Giuliana said it on E!'s Fashion Police, which is a program that encourages panelists to say mean things about celebrities.

Bill said during Monday’s interview that had Joan Rivers still been hosting/alive, the reaction would have been different.

“If Joan was around, God, she never would have allowed that to happen,” he said, adding that the criticism was a challenge for the couple to take.

"It was hard, because as a husband we are the defender, we want to protect our family, and I just kind of had to be muzzled…I wanted to get out there, and I wanted to defend my wife.”

It's hard to blame the guy for doing so, wouldn't you say?

The future of Fashion Police is in doubt, meanwhile, but Rancic says she'll remain a part of it.

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