Bette Midler Tweets Shade Over Josh Duggar Scandal: How Ironic!

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Bette Midler is the latest celebrity to make her feelings on Josh Duggar public.

The reality star and his family, of course, continue to experience fallout over Duggar's admission that he sexually molested multiple young girls when he was a teenager.

In the wake of this heinous bombshell, TLC has pulled 19 Kids and Counting from its schedule, while Josh Duggar has resigned as Executive Director of FRC Action at the Family Research Council.


Referencing this Christian nonprofit organization, whose agenda is partly to condemn the homosexual lifestyle as dangerous to children, Midler Tweeted on Monday:

"Josh Duggar resigned from an anti-gay 'family' group due to molestation allegations. Kids, is there anything more delicious than irony?"

Along with Midler, stars such Montel Williams and Ryan Reynolds have chimed in on the Duggar controversy, calling out the Duggars' largely due to the family’s ongoing anti-gay agenda.

Williams has blasted Duggar for being a scumbag, while Reynolds linked to an article online and essentially slammed the Duggars for acting as hypocrites.

Ben Seewald’s father, however, has stood up for his son-in-law, claiming the media is simply out to get this Christian family.

And, most recently, Amy Duggar posted about "peace" this past weekend, writing that word alongside a secluded, nature-filled image of trees surrounding a flowing stream of water.

Do you think Josh Duggar deserves to get castigated for his actions? Do you think he has already repented and the world should move on?

Do you think TLC should put 19 Kids and Counting back on the air? Or do you think it's despicable that the network would allow a family who covers up a sexual molestation scandal to profit in any way, shape or form?

So many questions. So many gross accusations. So many sordid controversies attached to this famous family...

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